Being able to play the guitar has always been a life ambition of mine, and having Richard as my teacher I have well and truly been able to fulfil this dream. When I started my lessons in October 2009, I found myself able to play the guitar (both acoustic and electric) with absolute ease with Richard’s help. He teaches a range of styles from blues to pop, indie to rock, and many more made suitable for my own ability, but never hesitates to push me further to ‘Up my game’. He’s taught me a range of songs from some of my favourite artists; Newton Faulkner, Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon and ACDC, so is always open to adjust to my own style.

Richard is such a friendly guy, and with his lovely personality, every lesson passes in an instant. He never fails to make me laugh and has helped me have the confidence to do Grades for RockSchool, play at a few venues and even set up my own YouTube account with my friend. Take a look here..

- Isobel Trimble

Richard has been teaching me guitar for around 2 years now and I feel that I have made good progress in that time. Lessons with Richard are very enjoyable and relaxed making it a very easy environment to learn. Lessons are also flexible as Richard is happy to teach you genres of music you are interested in. I would highly recommend taking lessons with Richard.

- Jack Courtney


I have an amazing time at my guitar lessons. Richard is a fantastic guitar player and teacher. He's so patient and he makes my lessons fun. I really don't know where the time goes but it flies.

- Meggie Jordon


I've been having guitar lessons with Richard since I was 10 years old, he made learning the guitar fun and easy and I would definitely recommend anyone with an interest to have lessons with him. Good teacher and a good friend!

- Charlie Bexson

I have been taught by Richard for 9 years and have enjoyed every minute. Luckily for me Richard is the most patient teacher! He explains things really well and works so hard to find, and arrange pieces I like, and that are at my level. I heartily recommend him!

- Jan Ridsdale - Head Teacher

Our lessons are always fun. Richard is patient and knowledgeable, but still enthusiastic and responsive; he is also very encouraging, which is really important, especially to beginners (like us!). Richard is always open to suggestions as to what music to play, and also has a wide range of tracks to choose from.

- Cherry & Maisie - mother & daughter
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I first met Rik as a diploma student studying music performance. Rik was the guitar instructor on the course who delivered weekly tutorials. At that time I felt I was already an experienced musician but Rik soon made me aware of possibilities regarding harmonising theory and the link to the importance of chord and key awareness. Initially I was overwhelmed and somewhat dismayed by the amount I didn’t know, but after spending time with Rik he went to a great deal of effort to devise a personal regime for me - covering all the criteria with modes and arpeggio’s in a completely practical approach, this making the whole process exciting and rewarding, but above all great fun.

By the end of the college course I felt I’d only just scratched the surface so I continued to see Rik for private tuition. These lessons continued for several years where I was able to go from strength to strength all thanks to his unique teaching methods and resources.

Rik also encouraged me to teach; armed with everything I had learnt from his lessons and general playing experience he helped me find the confidence to start my own tutorials.

Rik is an outstanding teacher and ambassador to the guitar, he is an exceptional musician but it is his dedication and care that makes him such an organised and reliable tutor.

Without Riks support and coaching I wouldn’t be half the musician I am today, not only has he shared his musical experience and vast knowledge - but also his ‘can do’ attitude and attention to detail has been a real inspiration to me.

- Matthew Carr