Photo of Richard Woodward playing acoustic guitar


"Discovering the guitar for me was such a joy, captured my imagination and was never a chore. I spent time as any beginner does getting to grips with the basics and I was soon on my way. If the guitar has started to cast its spell on you or has already captured your imagination then please have a look around my site. With careful instruction and guidance I'll help you with your own personal discovery of this great instrument." More about Richard

So You Want To Learn The Guitar?

Richard teaches all ages and ability, from children with their first guitar through to the advanced player who is looking to further develop their skills. He has developed a dedicated system of learning which is not available in any one book. Lessons will be stimulating and challenging provided in a friendly supportive professional environment where the student can have fun, learn and improve their skills. Lessons

Photo Richard Woodward holding electric guitar

I have an amazing time at my guitar lessons. Richard is a fantastic guitar player and teacher. He's so patient and he makes my lessons fun. I really don't know where the time goes but it flies.

- Meggie Jordon -Nottingham